About ANOA

An aNOa Application Ver 2.0

ANOA is a web aplication framework based on PHP::PEAR, it consist of PHP::PEAR classes
More information and recent version can be found at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/ANOA/

At begining ANOA is a name of an Application, gradually it is transformed to be an web application framework.
ANOA recursively translated to "An ANOA Application" that's mean those application using or developed with ANOA framework.
Right now ANOA has been used to develop several web application, we do hope many developer will adopt this framework to develop their web application and help us to improve it.

Anoa itself is a name of endangered small buffalo species which is lived in Sulawesi-Indonesia island.
Thank's to Roel for creating such a cute little ANOA logo.

contact me at: ard @ pengetahuan.org
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